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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 22, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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there are new questions about a san francisco police officer's conduct after an altercation with a wheelchair bound man, it's posted online. plus uc officials set to vote on a controversial plan that could bring a big change to university sports. a live look outside this morning of the bay bridge, yes, it is 4:30 on your thursday, rise and shine. at least wipe the sleep out of your eyes. it's thursday january 22nd and you are watching "today in the bay."
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>> good thursday morning. it's thursday morning. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we welcome back christina loren. >> good morning to you. you know what's interesting about today is we're waking up with a lot less fog and temperatures are reflecting that. san martin at 36 degrees, that's really cold, cold enough for a bit of frost formation over the smaller bridges this morning so take it easy out there. little bit of fog around the north bay expecting that to settle in and the east bay as well, but looking good for some high clouds and wind to keep us mostly fog free even in san francisco this morning. here is the deal. we are going to warm up into the 80s at your local beaches as we head into this weekend so more on that coming up. right now let's say good morning to a good friend of mine, mike inouye. >> good morning, christina. i've missed you. toward the bay bridge with the clear view christina was talking
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about, yesterday we saw clearer and a lot clearer today. we show you the smooth flow of traffic there and on the map across the bay between san francisco and oakland. no orange highlighting except for the tiptop of the bay along the coast. 101 in the fairfield vallejo area looking toward the south bay as well the entire map wide view of the map shows you green speed sensors. we have a stall in the concord/pleasant hill area and i'll give you an update coming up. authorities have identified a south bay man who was shot to death in east palo alto. police say 36-year-old steven porter jr. of san jose was shot and killed as he sat in a car on camillia drive. porter was shot multiple times and died at the scene. the gunman took off before police arrived. the san francisco police department investigating an officer's conduct this morning after a disturbing video was
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posted online. this is one of two videos that show what appears to be an officer trying to dump a disabled man out of his wheelchair. this video has been posted to several websites. the incident reportedly happened sunday afternoon in the ingleside neighborhood of san francisco. police say officers went to stop an argument between several men and the man in the wheelchair was involved in some capacity. in the end, police ended up citing four people. now it's not clear if the man in the chair was actually one of the people who was sighted. >> new details now on a nine-hour-long standoff in riverside county. the suspected shooter is dead along with a police dog. this happened in the san jacinto valley yesterday afternoon following reported an armed felon was inside. deputy sent a police dog sultan into the home to get the man out. he returned with a gunshot wound, he was rushed to the vet where he died. the suspect was killed 11:30 last night after coming out of
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the home with a hand gun. officials are netelling the "new york times" lawyers will not be bringing civil rights against the ferguson officer who shot and killed michael brown. an investigation did not find any evidence to support the claim that officer darren wilson violated brown's civil rights when he shot the unarmed teen ager next year. attorney general eric holder has the final say here but it would be unusual to overrule an fbi investigation. once a decision becomes official the investigation into wilson will be over. grand jury refused to indict wilson late last year leading to violent protests around the country dangerous car demonstrations known as side shows are keeping people up at night in east oakland. neighbors report regular scenes like this one, cars spinning out of control while large crowds watch the action. they're begging for a solution to what's known as a side show.
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one city councilman wants to make them legal only in one place, at the port of oakland. >> i need to get it out of the neighborhood where people live. it's often at the port of oakland they have space, we don't have to deal with the families, the neighborhood. >> oakland police had no comment regarding the proposal. spokesperson from the port of oakland says nothing has been given to them formally so she has no comment. uc regents will vote on a controversial plan tying coaches' pay to the academic performance of student athletes. interesting policy. under it, each school must f1 o academic performance that teams must maintain. if the student athletes fail to live up to the level, then coaches and athletic directors will lose bonuses which could add up to millions of dollars. 15 months agonkçyp report on graduation rates showed uc berkeley ranked lowest in football and men's basketball
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academics. today b.a.r.t. board members  electronic trains and barth só8y party. it would follow the lead set!ç several bay area cities that limit ecigarette use. san francisco treats ecigarettes more like traditional ?ú2iñsmok. here's something else you potentially give users higher doses of formaldehyde than traditional cigarettes. formaldehyde exposure is set at the highest voltage levels may be nearly three times that of smoking a regular tobacco cigarette. at the same time formaldehyde was not detected at low voltage settings. formaldehyde is used as a preservation compound for frogs in biology class but also linked to blood cancers including leukem leukemia. new details on the widening measles outbreak in california.
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whomever has not been vaccinated should stay away from disneyland. the outbreak has hit 70. experts are stressing that adults who were vaccinated decades ago are highly susceptible to the virus and should get that shot again. disneyland spokesperson says officials agree it's safe to the park if you're vaccinated. scientists are getting closer to identifying the mysterious goo killing seabirds by the dozens in san francisco bay. the fish and wildlife department said it's not a chemical additive they originally thought was to blame. more than 200 birds died already. wildlife experts will file lawsuits against whoever is responsible fort chemical. the birds are dying from hypothermia because the goo alters the way the birds regulate their body temperature. >> the mystery continues to go on. >> sadly. in the meantime we try to
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find what's going on in our area. 80s by the coastline, christina, did we hear you correctly? >> i think someone likes 80s at the beaches. >> a lot of people. >> santa cruz sunday when we hit the peak of this warming trend when we are expecting the 80s at the beaches. now, coincidentally we also have a high surf warning in place and we're going to get some really big breakers out there. i'm going to talk about that coming up. let's focus in on what's going on out there this morning. lot less fog, you can clearly see that from this shot of the bay bridge, top to bottom, no problem here but we have some really thick fog starting to develop in sonoma county down south through marin. we are looking good for a mostly clear start to the day, temperatures in the 60s, later on today, comfortable conditions and that warming trend kicks into high gear, just in time for this upcoming weekend. more on that coming up. right now let's get a peak at your drive.
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here's mike inouye. >> as you talked about, the fog is developing in some patches. we'll get this shot from dublin. this is not as big a deal as a couple years ago. the same shot we saw yesterday, it looks dimly lit because as we look at the map traffic flows nicely because it's a light volume of traffic but also the visibility is not a real issue for drivers, just a problem for our camera lens which is adjusting there. smooth flow of traffic out of the altamont pass and san ramon coming down 680 off of that walnut creek interchange. southbound 242 though right there at 680 reports of a stalled vehicle in your middle lanes. it's been there for a few minutes on the chp report. my guess is they're able to get there quickly and take care of that. watch if that is your area, concord and pleasant hill, south 242 on to 680. akroz the benicia and carquinez bridges fog continues to develop. smooth drive, the yellow sensors reads southbound 101 toward 85,
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down to 16 miles per hour, nothing going on but i'll track that, 101 in palo alto a smooth drive and no problems moving into san francisco. construction 280 at 101 may remain in the city as well. that should be cleared in a couple of minutes. coming up the man who wanted to reportedly blow up the capital building makes his first court appearance. plus why the gunmaker being sued by families who lost loved ones in sandy hook wants the lawsuit moved to federal court. what investigators found on a wrecked drone near the mexico border that has them concerned. when the flu hits,
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to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. call your doctor right away. don't lose another moment to the flu. when there's flu, tamiflu. and welcome back. it's 4:43 on your thursday morning. bit of a brisk start, but things are going to warm up in the not too distant future. going to check in with christina on that one momentarily. we're getting word that ebay is laying off about 2,400 people. it's not clear how many positions are based here in the bay area but the job cuts
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reflect 7% of ebay's workforce. the changes come as the san jose company plans on spinning off paypal. paypal will become a separate publicly traded company. google is looking to cut out the middleman and offer wireless service directly to its customers. we turn to landon dowdy at cnbc world news headquarters. >> good morning to you. stocks rose for a third straight day, the longest winning streak we've seen all year. investors reacting to reports the european central bank lun veil a massive stimulus program when it meets today. we get data on new filings for unemployment, the dow rising 39 points to 17554 the nasdaq adding 12 to 4667. google is getting set to sell mobile phone plans directly to customers. reports say google will buy access to sprint and t-mobile's
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wireless network so it can manage customers' calls and data. there's no word on how much it will cost just yet. microsoft goes virtual. the company had a big surprise for the tech event for the new windows 10 on wednesday unveiling the hollow lens, a visor that can project 3-d images and users can play minecraft, make skype calls and explore the surface of mars. the hollow lens will be available this fall. sam, back over to you. >> i heard mind and manipulation so we have to follow up on that, thank you. 4:45 right now. the new sidewalks in palo alto sparkle and shine but some call it a hazard. california avenue is in the midst of a $7 million fais look. the problem some of the concrete contains recycled glass, the glass pieces are meant to be embedded in the concrete, but apparently the glass is already
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coming loose. the city says the contractor will cover the cost to replace any dangerous walkways. it's not clear how much replacement work will have to be done or if it can be finished before the project wraps this up spring. speaking of spring, what season are we in exactly? it's hard to keep track sometimes, given the changing weather patterns, christina. good morning. we'd call this summer, excuse me, definitely not calling it summer, winter spring-ish? >> january january inical. >> it's one of the cool bay area time periods where you can hit the snow or you can hit the beach. so it's going to feel very spring-like, you're right on the money, sam, as we get into this weekend in particular, but this morning it's nice and chilly out there, so we're still getting the wintertime lows that we're accustomed to this time in january. as we get into this afternoon, not going to see a lot of fog. lot more sunshine out there for today and as a result, temperatures are going to be warmer, but you did see that big patch of gray over sonoma county
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where we have thick fog developing and the east bay trivalley area. travel cautiously out there this morning. otherwise that's out of here by 10:00 a.m., a mild afternoon, temps 5 to 10 degrees above average and generally clear as we get into tonight. your sun will set at 5:22, which is why it's so unusual with our days being so short to hit highs near records. and you know what? that's going to be the case as we head throughout this weekend. i think we'll shatter some temperature records. temps are in the 60s for today. 65 in san francisco. 68 degrees in the north bay and 66 degrees in the beautiful south bay. i love calling this place home. getting into friday and saturday take a look at this trend. temperatures continue to climb. by sunday we'll hit the peak of this warmup at 22 degrees here in san jose, that means more like 80 degrees as you head out to the beach it's really nice out there. here's the deal as we get into next week we track the chance for showers. showers creeping up from the
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south, by 9:00 p.m. on monday, just after the warmup hits its peak, showers on the way. we have the possibility for rain coming up as we head through the 5:00 together. back to you, sam and laura. >> thanks a lot, christina. good to have you back. a high-tech police gadget falling into the hands of criminals. look at the photos from the tijuana police department. the unmanned craft was carrying more than six pounds of me methamphetamine when it fell out of the sky. police are looking for whoever is responsible for the attempted smuggling. mexican officials say this is the first time smugglers have tried to use a drone to get drugs through that area. we have more arrests to report in europe now. german prosecutors have aarrested two men of being terrorist, the men ages 26 and 27 are believed to have been joined up with isis in syria several years ago. one was reportedly preparing for
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some attack but there's no evidence he had concrete plans to carry out that attack. the japanese government has until tomorrow to pay a $200 million ransom for the release of two japanese citizens who are being held captive by isis or islamic state. japan is considering all possible ways to secure the release of the two citizens. freelance journalist and private security contractor. isis says it will kill the men if its demands are not met. the ohio man accused of plotting to kill people at the u.s. capital is scheduled to enter a plea in court today. christopher cornell was arrested last week after he bought two semiautomatic rifles and about 600 bullets. the fbi said an inform ant alerted them to cornell in august he wanted to set up an isis cell in the state and set off pipe bombs at and near the u.s. capitol. his father says his son was set
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up. let's keep it in federal domain here, gunmaker remington is trying to get a lawsuit moved to federal court. that is because the suit was filed by the families of the children killed in the sandy hook school massacre in and federal court experts say the family's lawsuit is less likely to succeed. ten families have sued remington saying the bushmaster ar-15 rifle used in the massacre should not have been sold for civilian abuse. in 2005 federal law protects gunmakers from most lawsuits. the law includes an exception for cases where companies "should know that a weapon is likely to be used to harm others." newtown city leaders gave the green light on a plan to demolish the home where adam lanza lived with his mom. in 2012 he shot and killed his mother unside of that home before then going and killing 20 students and 6 teachers at the
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el emtear school, a day none of us will forget. >> certainly not. two lawmakers looking to push to pass the keystone pipeline will be debating in the public today. the threat of a veto looms. today democratic senator joe manchin of west virginia and republican senator of north dakota will speak at the nation's capitol. the pipeline would send crude oil from canada to the gulf of mexico. those in favor say it will bring thousands of jobs to the u.s. those against worry about environmental impacts. >> the republicans are now calling it the keystone jobs bill. we reality checked how many jobs you can expect,, just a little plug there. coming up next, just seconds away from being crushed by a falling overpass. >> it was so close i saw bolts just break and start to fall down and i thought it would come through the windshield. >> who this man says went through his mind when he thought he was going to die.
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and before you leave the house, make sure you check your zipper truck. there it is, golden gate bridge making their morning ready for that morning commute. we'll check farther east coming you.
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happening today, new england patriots coach bill belichick will answer or perhaps deflect questions around surrounding deflate gate, what they're calling that controversy surrounding the new england patriots. they're being accused of underinflating balls in the afc
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championship game. they won sunday over the indianapolis colts. belichick faceless media at a news conference meant to address the upcoming super bowl against seattle. it's presumed belichick will be blitzed with questions about the deflate gate. the coach is known for being a little cagey in his answers, controversy or not. so we'll be watching. >> he'll talk about this and never break a monotone and not tell anything. this morning we're hearing from a driver who nearly died when a bridge collapsed in ohio. >> this is eric myers driving his semitruck on monday, when an overpass under construction came tumbling down. he thought the overpass was coming straight through his windshield. he slammed into debris as he was heading on the highway. >> i was crying about my daughter, i thought i'd never see her again she'd never know her dad. she's only 6. >> one of the moments when your life flashes before your eyes.
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he managed to escape with minor injuries. however a construction worker ask die on that scene. 4:55 right now. hopefully nothing like that out there, no accidents. smooth sailing, mike? >> not quite as dramatic as what you talked about and showed. we have a you canal of incidents for the south bay. we'll show you san jose, the light volume of traffic here north 101 underneath that overpass very stable. 280, 680 and 101 here. as we look at your map the earlier slowing southbound approaching 85 has cleared up just above 60 as we talked about, brings it back up to green as far as sensors go. north 880 at montague expressway, reports of one crash, the car has major damage and another crash farther north at 237. the rest of your east bay commute just getting up here. send it back to you guys. >> thank you very much, mike. the biggest swell of the winter season is hitting hawaii's north shore right now. 40 foot waves are hitting the coastline and high surf warning is in effect through tonight. organizers of the annual
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quicksilver surfing competition says the waves will not be consistent enough to hold the contest. the holding period for the world renowned competition runs through february. the one-day event was last held on oahu's north shore back in 2009. >> still some killer waves out there. coming up next, mountain view police have a new lead into an attack at the restaurant on the peninsula. how they hope that you can help coming up next. plus for the first time since november, a 4-year-old boy who fell more than 200 feet down a north bay cliff is waking up in his own bed this morning. we'll have an update on his condition still ahead.
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police on the peninsula investigating a deadly shooting this morning. what officers are telling us about it next. plus new concerns this morning as the number of people contracting measles expands. three bay area counties now affected. and good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. we are in for a real treat today. it is not a spare the air day. mostly clear as we head
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throughout the afternoon. gorgeous conditions, only to be followed by a warmup near record weekend warmth. more on that in just moments. and we're looking at your second of two crashes now for the south bay, showing a little issue for 880. if that's your travels, come back. if it's not, i've still got stuff for you. >> mike, you are a man of many pieces of information. live look outside of the bay bridge this morning, as it's starting to pick up a little bit, a few more cars out there. it is 5:00 right now on thursday, january the 22nd and you are watching "today in the bay." good thursday morning/friday avenue. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> but who's counting? i'm laura garcia-cannon. authorities identified a south bay man as a victim in a deadly shooting last night in east palo alto. 36-year-old steven porter jr. o


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